We make group trips to get coffee, go grocery shopping or even yoga in the nearby park.

Building into our social model, one person is not in charge, the entire house has a say so…

  • This is a non-MAT home

About Considine

We are the strong women of the Considine Home. Our home is comfortable and warm. This beautiful house was built in 1890 and is one of the first in the area to allow for secure storage for self-administration of mediations like Suboxone and Methadone.

With a large eat in kitchen, spacious great room for spending time together we are building memories here. We have 11 beds and 2 bathrooms in this two-story home.

We also have a ton of privacy with a heavily wooded back part of the yard. There is an amazing fire pit in the back yard with plenty of seating. It makes things nice to have support meetings on the weekends, around a fire.

We are right off of Warsaw Ave and within a few feet to the bus line. We make group trips to get coffee, go grocery shopping or even yoga in the nearby park. We are close to many churches and community programs, including the library.


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Added Features

  • Fire Pit

  • Front Porch


  • Bus Route

  • Coffee Shops

  • Parks

  • Grocery Shopping

House Leader: Melissa

There is no doubt that Melissa is grateful to be where she is today, making impact in other women’s lives. Having the sisterhood, support and encouragement has helped to develop her passion for leading other women. She was given this mountain to show others it can be climbed.

Pets: While we wish we could help all living beings, we are not able to accommodate animals; including registered support companions. We must be able to avoid allergic reactions, severe and mild, protecting our program participants.

Are you in need of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Housing?

New Foundations Recovery Housing have three homes in Ohio and two in Kentucky that can help.