Our Homes

We allow anyone who is utilizing MAT medications that are injectable form, the Vivitrol Shot or the Sublocade Injection, to access any of our homes. If an individual is utilizing MAT medications like oral Suboxone or Methadone, we have MAT friendly specific homes set up for safe and secure storage for the self-administration of oral medications.

Our Ohio Homes

We have 8 homes here in the Buckeye State; with close to 150 beds for men and women. Five of the homes are for men. Three of those male houses are MAT friendly. We have three homes for women in Ohio; one is MAT friendly.

Our Kentucky Homes

We have 3 properties in Northern Kentucky. In Park Hills we have two apartment buildings with nearly 80 beds total. One building for men and the neighboring building for women. Both buildings are hybrid with MAT friendly units and Non-MAT units. Our Ludlow location is a 2 family home for women with 19 beds. This location does not currently allow for on-site storage of MAT medications.