We call this house the “Castle” because, well, it looks like a castle.

Building into our social model, one person is not in charge, the entire house has a say so…

  • This is a non-MAT home

About The Castle

Built in 1896, this historic home has 27 beds, 5 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. The original woodwork and stained-glass windows add classy charm to the home.

The New Foundations business office is also located at this address. Occupying part of the first floor, our Intake Department and the rest of the office team is on site, ready to assist.

Given the location of the Castle, we have access to Downtown Cincinnati and University of Cincinnati Campus restaurants.

For our recovery family at the Castle, our house meeting is every Sunday evening. We go over our week, celebrate any recovery milestones and discuss any challenges within the home. We set goals, offer support and give encouragement to each other.

Our motto is “Castle Strong” because we are survivors. Many of us have overcome so many struggles and devastations throughout our addiction and recovery. We depend on each other in many ways, as a family, a sisterhood. Our bonds with each other are life-long. We often have New Foundations “Castle” alumni come back to give back and encourage current program participants to keep giving it all they’ve got and not to give up.

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Added Features

  • NF Business Office

  • Parking


  • University of Cincinnati

  • Bus Route

  • Numerous Parks

  • Public Library

Pets: While we wish we could help all living beings, we are not able to accommodate animals; including registered support companions. We must be able to avoid allergic reactions, severe and mild, protecting our program participants.


Are you in need of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) Housing?

New Foundations Recovery Housing have three homes in Ohio and two in Kentucky that can help.