New Foundations is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit recovery housing provider that was established in 2009. We provide fully furnished move-in ready recovery housing options for those in recovery from alcohol or substance use disorder. Our stable living environment offers individuals a place with structure, accountability, and support as they navigate their new lives in recovery.

Our Mission

Layout the steppingstones from active addiction to a sturdy recovery by providing stability, accountability, community, and responsibility. Provide safe, sober, and supportive recovery housing opportunities to those suffering from SUD.

Our Vision

To be able to provide quality recovery housing to anyone in need. We continue to work to increase funding and support to remove barriers of personal cost of recovery housing. We need our community and the field of addiction treatment and recovery to recognize Recovery Housing as a necessary part of the Recovery Continuum. People need time to learn how to adjust to living independently. For some, after years of addiction, there is time needed to develop responsible spending habits and financial stability. That is why New Foundations provides discounts on program fees when our program participants demonstrate financial responsibility. Our goal is to truly help each individual rebuild their life, for long term happiness, health and wellness.

Our Why

We want to help people rebuild their lives for long-term successful recovery. Our team personally understands the challenges of rebuilding your life after addiction. We want to do everything we can to help others go through this part of the journey, with as much guidance as possible. We want people to keep trying and not give up when the going gets rough. Life in general can be challenging, life in recovery, for some is like learning how to walk again. You have crawl before you can walk. One step at a time, we’ll help you be ready for independent living, in your new life in recovery.

Our Program

New Foundations Recovery Housing is a structured and safe place for those in recovery. We focus on a continued bridge into recovery after having successfully withdrawn from illicit drugs or being discharged from the court system, like jail or prison. Sometimes called sober living, or a halfway house, we provide group housing with a main goal of recovery from drugs and alcohol. This is the place for anyone who is seeking a new way of life, free from addiction.

New Foundations Recovery Housing is committed to providing safe sober housing to all who are willing and committed, regardless of their path to recovery (MAT or non-MAT, AA or NA, etc.) or their race, sexual orientation, gender expression, veteran status, ethnicity, color, age, disability, nation of origin, or any other personal status.

We support and welcome anyone from the LGBTQ+ Community

Our organization believes in being a “people first” type of atmosphere. We believe every individual should have the right to be who they are, live as they feel most comfortable in their own skin and love whomever they choose. We are fortunate to provide safe housing to many transgender folks. We allow our Transgender program participants to choose the gender specific housing they would feel most comfortable in.

It’s important to feel safe, inside and out to be able to heal, grow and live.