New Foundations Recovery Housing have three homes in Ohio that allow the secure storage of MAT meds like Suboxone and Methadone. Two of our Kentucky apartment buildings also allow for the secure storage of MAT medication.

We believe in all pathways to recovery at New Foundations Recovery Housing.

We want to do all that we can to remove barriers for people to find long term recovery. MAT is a science evidence-based approach to treat and manage substance use disorder. While we are not a treatment provider, we work with many treatment providers and collaborate effectively to support the program participants in their journey.

Each MAT home is set up to store medication safely, securely and responsibly for self-administration. That means that our MAT homes have a bedroom that has been converted into a Medication Room. This room is under surveillance for added compliance and accountability.

Inside the Med Room is a locked closet. Inside of the locked closet are individual medication bags that also lock. The program participant always has the key to their locked medication bag. In addition, the house manager has the key to the Medication Room and locked closet containing the medication bags. The House Manager and Program Participant will go into the medication room each morning at an agreed time. The House Manager will unlock the closet and give the program participant their locked medication bag. The Program Participant will unlock their medication bag, count the medication, document the count, self-administer their medication (they put the meds in their own mouth), the house manager does not touch the medication, only monitors. Once the medication has been administered, they will count and document again. They will wait for the medication to dissolve and then move onto the next program participant who is ready for their medication.