A passionate and dedicated team, ready to work together to achieve long lasting and positive results.

They say you can’t build a strong building with a weak foundation. The only way to have a strong foundation, is to have a strong team to build it.


Carolyn Andrews

Director of Operations

Favorite Quote

“Chasing death, I found life.”

Carolyn Andrews has been the Director of Operations since December of 2020. Her primary role is to oversee all of operations, accounts receivable and programming. Carolyn says that her favorite part of being part of New Foundations is watching the program participants coming in our doors with nothing and leaving with full lives, ready to embrace everything that recovery has to offer. New Foundations has been a huge part of Carolyn’s life for a long time. Graduating through the program and working her way into being part of the executive team, Carolyn provides a dynamic perspective. Her dedication to the program and the individuals coming through the program is inspiring. She has built a career here and she is able to continue to be a wonderful mother to her young son, Silas. Living in Anderson, just outside of Cincinnati, she’s able to experience a beautiful life that recovery has given her. She sets a wonderful example for all of the women coming through New Foundations.

Carolyn’s son Silas is our New Foundations Mascot, aka the coolest little boy ever!


Courtney Fugate

Peer Recovery Supporter

Favorite Quote

“Some things you see with your eyes, others you see with your heart.

Courtney hopes to be able to share her story and help the next person just as she was. She wants to be able to show our program participants that there is freedom in recovery and that life is worth living.

Courtney says being able to work at New Foundations is very important to me. Being able to give back what has been freely given to me is something that means the world to me. Being in the homes, working with program participants and being able to be part of their journey and progress, there is just something so beautiful in that.

Courtney is a mother of two children, daughter Ezrah, 3 and son Saige, 2. After a battle for almost 18 months she now has custody of them again. She’s from the Northern Kentucky area. Some of her favorite things to do outside of work are “sing, journal and dance in the kitchen with my babies.”


Ulysses Lambert

Superintendent and Facilities Manager

Ulysses Lambert has been an integral part of New Foundations Recovery Housing for many years. He is one of the hardest working members of our team. Ulysses makes sure all of our buildings are running smoothly. Whenever there is a utility emergency he is right there to fix it. Whatever is needed, he steps up to make sure it gets done.