A passionate and dedicated team, ready to work together to achieve long lasting and positive results.

They say you can’t build a strong building with a weak foundation. The only way to have a strong foundation, is to have a strong team to build it.


Mikella Chrisman

Executive Director

Favorite Quote

“If it doesn’t CHALLENGE YOU, it doesn’t CHANGE YOU”

Mikella Chrisman takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategic and planning development. She intuitively sees opportunities for expanding services offered and focuses on improving the quality of life for the participants in her recovery housing program. She is an inspirational leader who relates with those who serve under, and by her. Respected by those around her for being fair, transparent, leading with compassion, and holding herself to the same high standards as those she leads. Mikella takes the seriousness of the organization’s mission to heart, as shown through the enormous growth and turnaround of New Foundations since she took over as Executive Director in late 2018.

New Foundations Recovery Housing (NFRH), a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization focuses on providing high quality recovery housing for those suffering from substance user disorder in the Cincinnati/Northern KY region. Mikella is responsible for the lives of up to 240 program participants, nine full-time staff members, and over 25 part-time volunteer house leaders.

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A few of the many successes include:

  • Obtained National Alliance of Recovery Residences (NARR) Level II certification in Ohio, and most recently, Kentucky. NARR is the national governing body for standards over adequate living conditions, fairness and equality in housing, financial and operational transparency, and ensuring the highest quality in the recovery housing community.
  • Opened the very first Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) home in the region, despite criticism from others in the substance abuse/recovery community. Due to her efforts, over half of New Foundation’s homes accept all forms of MAT. As a result of her passion for equality, more organizations now offer MAT housing because of Mikella’s non-apologetic, “everyone deserves a chance to recover,” attitude.
  • Developed an in-depth Leadership Training Program, so each home is running according to NARR and New Foundation’s standards. It also facilitates growth in the leaders.
  • Growing her staff from one employee to nine full-time employees by reprioritizing financial resources, she prides herself on not only talking the talk but walking the walk. 90% of NFRH staff started as a program participant. Mikella has the ability to look past one’s mistakes, seeing the true value and worth of the lives saved by New Foundation’s program.
  • Created the Partner Referral Program, which waives the intake fee for any client referred by a community partner to strengthen community relationships and facilitate a smooth transition from one organization to another, by ensuring clients have a safe, sober, structured, and supported living environment.

Her passion for business management began while growing up in Indiana, helping run her family’s fireworks and Halloween businesses. After high school, she enlisted in the US Army, where she graduated Advanced Individual Training in Augusta, GA. as the Honor Graduate of her class. Once she left the military, she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 2007.

Previously, in other leadership roles, Mikella used her natural talent for identifying operational inefficiencies, implementing solutions utilizing existing company resources, researching industry standards and best practices, looking at cost-benefit analysis, creating standard operating procedures, emphasis on training and higher education, and introduced business management methodologies learned while working many years for Schrudder Performance Group, Inc., owned by one of the top Fortune 1000 Business Management Consultants in the world. Mikella’s previous roles include Director of Operations, Executive Director, Human Resource Director, Bookkeeper, Finance Director, and Administration Director in logistics, business consulting, high-end remodeling, and retail industries. She also served in the US Army as an IT Analysis, where she held a top-secret security clearance, while stationed at Headquarters EUCOM with the 52nd Signal Battalion in Stuttgart, Germany.

Today, Mikella serves on several boards and steering committees, including Kentucky Recovery Housing Network (KRHN), the NARR affiliate for the state of KY, One Source Advisory Council, a local nonprofit serving other local nonprofits by offering a wealth of resources, and Ohio Recovery Housing (ORH) advisory board.

Mikella is also employed at Crunch Fitness Center in Florence, KY, where she teaches group fitness classes such as kickboxing, Body Pump, Zumba, Pound, Yoga, PiYo, HIIT, and may more formats. She comes from a family of athletes: her little brother is the Punter for Cincinnati Bengals, little sister is college basketball player for Thomas Moore University, and her mother has taught group fitness classes for over 30 years. Her other two sisters run successful business in KY.


Amy Parker

Outreach & Marketing Manager

Favorite Quote

“If nothing changes, nothing changes.”

Amy Parker is a mother, wife and has been in recovery since 2012. Coming from the Butler County area, now residing in Fairfield, Ohio. She has a deep-rooted network in Cincinnati and is able to use her vast resources to connect our organization to community partners, strengthening relationships and increasing new program participant acquisition. Amy is well known for coordinating and hosting awareness events, fundraisers and is a very engaging motivational speaker. Amy has successfully advocated for the Peer Recovery Supporter role to become more common in the addiction & recovery field. Amy spends a lot of time designing our marketing materials, website & social media content. She is also behind many of our collaborative efforts within the community. Amy specializes in court & reentry services and veterans’ programs within the addiction treatment arena. Coming to New Foundations in January 2021, she brings an expertise that is invaluable.

Amy has been featured in many documentaries.

First with Revived and Renewed: Life After Narcan. A short film telling the story of being revived with Narcan and what life looks like for a group of people. This film often shown in group therapy at different addiction treatment centers.

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In 2017, Seven Days of Heroin, winning a Pulitzer Prize showcased Amy as a Peer Recovery Supporter, helping others. Filmed during one of the worst weeks in Cincinnati history with the highest number of overdoses in one week.

In 2018 Amy’s story was used for a White House Truth.com campaign to show how quickly an opioid addiction can develop.

CBS Morning News interviewed Amy and her family. Showcasing Amy’s work in Hamilton County with the Narcan Distribution Collaborative, responsible for a 30% decrease in overdose deaths overall.

In 2019 The Dr. Phil Show airing the CBS Morning News interview as part of Narcan awareness.

Later that year, Amy appeared in the debut episode of the A&E series Addiction Unplugged. Broadcasting nationwide after the famed Intervention, this show offering more of a hopeful perspective.

Amy has created many trainings for health care and criminal justice professionals. Focusing on compassion fatigue reversal, offering first-hand account and perspective of a person in recovery. Also identifying workplace stress, compassion fatigue, burn out and how to prevent or reverse for better outcomes.

When Amy isn’t working, she is cooking or crafting with her six-year-old daughter and laughing with her husband of ten years. They enjoy traveling within the United States, finding new, unique eateries and most of all rock concerts.

Amy says that being a mother is her first and most important job.


Carolyn Andrews

Director of Operations

Favorite Quote

“Chasing death, I found life.”

Carolyn Andrews has been the Director of Operations since December of 2020. Her primary role is to oversee all of operations, accounts receivable and programming. Carolyn says that her favorite part of being part of New Foundations is watching the program participants coming in our doors with nothing and leaving with full lives, ready to embrace everything that recovery has to offer. New Foundations has been a huge part of Carolyn’s life for a long time. Graduating through the program and working her way into being part of the executive team, Carolyn provides a dynamic perspective. Her dedication to the program and the individuals coming through the program is inspiring. She has built a career here and she is able to continue to be a wonderful mother to her young son, Silas. Living in Anderson, just outside of Cincinnati, she’s able to experience a beautiful life that recovery has given her. She sets a wonderful example for all of the women coming through New Foundations.

Carolyn’s son Silas is our New Foundations Mascot, aka the coolest little boy ever!


Courtney Hasse, PRS, CDCAII

Outreach & Operations

Favorite Quote

“A whole person is one who has both walked with God and wrestled with the devil.”

Courtney Hasse comes to us as a Peer Recovery Supporter with a CDCAII. Courtney’s position is a hybrid between Outreach & Operations. Her favorite part of the role is assisting others on their journey of recovery. She says that being able to collaborate with our staff, who truly care and watching recovery happen in the lives of the people we serve is the best feeling ever. Courtney’s goal at New Foundations is to help the success stories increase and relapse rate to decrease. We are glad to have Courtney helping our program participants have the resources they need to Heal, Grow and Live.

Courtney has been in recovery for three years. She is a graduate of Northwest Highschool in Colerain. She is a mother of a daughter, Harper – 8. Her family is her biggest supporter, parents, grandparents, sister, 2 nieces and 1 nephew. Courtney’s favorite pastime is hanging out with family, working her second job and going to school full time.


Amanda Saurber

Intake Coordinator

Favorite Quote

“If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.”
-Michael Jackson

Amanda Sauber is the first point of contact and biggest cheerleader at New Foundations. Born and raised in Hamilton, Ohio, she resides in Cincinnati. She is a mother and grandmother and loves spending time doing fun things with her family. Her favorite part of being part of the NF team, is knowing that she gets to help people off the streets and into safe recovery housing. The gratitude she gets from seeing her efforts materialize in the program participants lives, keep her excited to come to work. It also reminds her of how NF loved her until she was able to love herself. She hopes that NF will continue to grow and help every person that is look for recovery housing.


Jonathan Makstaller

Intake coordinator

Favorite Quote

One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.

Jonathan Makstaller,  a Cincinnati native, joins our team as another important first point of contact for New Foundations. He lends a hand wherever he is needed. Jonathan says that his favorite part of this role is helping people towards a better way of life and to help guide people in the right direction. He says “Getting a job here at New Foundations has helped me in my life because I truly love helping people”.

Jonathan comes to New Foundations after climbing through our program as a participant and as an Assistant House Leader. He is looking forward to being part of all New Foundations growth.


Ulysses Lambert

Superintendent and Facilities Manager

Ulysses Lambert has been an integral part of New Foundations Recovery Housing for many years. He is one of the hardest working members of our team. Ulysses makes sure all of our buildings are running smoothly. Whenever there is a utility emergency he is right there to fix it. Whatever is needed, he steps up to make sure it gets done.