One of our most successful MAT friendly homes.

Building into our social model, one person is not in charge, the entire house has a say so…

  • This is a MAT home

About West Eighth

One of our most successful MAT friendly homes, we’re meeting people where they are in their journey. The brothers at our West Eighth house are always pitching in to help each other. Our dedication to our recovery is what it’s all about.

Centralized in Price Hill, with 13 beds and 2 bathrooms, we take pride in all of the work we’ve done inside and outside of the home. We love to grill out on our back deck and every week, if not most nights, we sit down and have a family meal together. We catch up with each other, go over our days and lift each other up with encouragement. When the holidays come around, we are all about creating memories. We also enjoy getting together with the other homes and helping each other with various things.

We are in a very convenient location, close to anything you could need. Within a few steps is access to the bus line. Some of the guys here drive so it helps with last minute needs for transportation.

If you need a phone, hygiene items, clothes, shoes, food, work, we got you. We will help you learn how to put one foot in front of the other if that’s what you need. We want to make a difference in each other’s lives and this is how we’re able to do it; with true service work and working our programs together.

If one of our guys has a need or is experiencing some sort of barrier, we work together to help each person have everything they need to become successful. We all have to start somewhere, learning to crawl before we can walk.


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Added Features

  • Back Deck

  • Grill

  • Large Yard


  • Bus Route

  • Coffee Shops

  • Parks

Pets: While we wish we could help all living beings, we are not able to accommodate animals; including registered support companions. We must be able to avoid allergic reactions, severe and mild, protecting our program participants.

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