Refer your CLIENT or PATIENT and we will waive the ENTIRE $100 Intake Fee with this completed form.

New Foundations wants to remove barriers as much as possible.

When this form is completed by a referral partner, we will waive the $100 intake fee for any individual who is not receiving any funding and has no means to pay the intake fee for themself.  

  • Intake Fee of $100 is completely waived  
  • Program Participant is still required to pay for the $20 Drug Screen upon entry  
  • No other funding source or subsidy can be used along with the intake fee being waived  
  • Program Fees for the upcoming week will be due on the first Friday of their program; if the individual is coming into our program on a Thursday, their program fees will be due the next day on Friday. If the program participant comes in on a Saturday, their program fees will be due on the first Friday after in six days. 


One of the largest barriers to recovery housing is lack of funds. We want to help you help your clients gain access to quality recovery housing. New Foundations is dedicated to the success of those we serve. We are NARR (National Alliance for Recovery Residences) certified in OH & KY, which says we are willing to go through rigorous inspections, and abide by higher standards to ensure they have the best recovery housing available.

Completing the information below will allow your client your enter New Foundation’s housing without paying the Intake Fee, saving them $100.00. Details below explain the Partner Referral Form (PRF) in more detail:

  • Program Participant is responsible to pay $20 prior to urine screen at time of arrival.
  • PRF may only be used for clients who do not have access to other funding sources, including subsidies or other assistance programs.
  • Participant is responsible to pay regular program fees beginning the first Friday of their stay. Example: If client comes in on Monday, they will not owe program fees until Friday.
MM slash DD slash YYYY

Please have your client call our intake department to complete an over the phone assessment to ensure we are a good fit. We only provide housing to those whom identify with having substance use disorder. We will accept dual diagnosis under most circumstances. Thank you for being a valued community partner in our fight to help those trying to help themselves.

Send this completed form by Email or Fax: Email: Fax: (513)586-0455

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