Stories of success from past program participants.

Angie James

After being in my addiction for 37 years, I had given up hope. Back in January I decided to try it again – I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I checked into Sun behavioral and got clean. Then I was sent to couple rehabs but nothing seemed to work for me. When I came to New Foundations Recovery Housing, I felt like I was home. There are people that care so much for us here. They have helped me with almost every aspect that I need help with. Now I’m 5 months sober and it feels wonderful. I give all the praise right now to God and New Foundations sober living program. New Foundations has worked so much to keep me clean and to get me the tools to help keep me clean. I know this is where I need to be, and I will stay here as long as it takes until I feel 100%. Here at New Foundations Recovery Housing, they don’t run you off; they make sure you get what you need before you set out on your own Journey!

Kevin McGowan

I came to New Foundation Recovery Housing in 2011, on the run and caught up in addiction. I was told that if I were to stay sober that I would have to make that right. I served a five-year sentence in Kentucky and then went to long term treatment in Nashville. I wanted to move home after being sober.

I wasn’t ready to live on my own yet, so I got in touch with New Foundation Recovery Housing. They welcomed me back and I stayed for a year and a half on Gilsey. During that time, I found a career and saved money. More importantly I was reunited with my family and with the recovery community in Cincinnati.

Today I work in recovery and I’m learning to live life sober on a daily basis. I’m going back to college in the fall to further my career. My life is better than it has ever been. New Foundations has played a huge part in my recovery.

Hannah Schilling

When I was transitioning from the unpredictable environment of active substance use, access to structured and safe refuge was necessary for my passage into recovery. Shifting from a society that inspires despair and deception to one of compassion and support is shocking, but the stabilization offered through community recovery housing acted as steppingstones to the life in recovery I am afforded today. As an active participant in recovery, I am presented with opportunities beyond my initial aspirations. I get to be a steward in my community, a homeowner, engaged parent, valued employee and dependable friend. My experience now serves as messaging to making policies and a voice for those who are unable to advocate for themselves. My pain has now offered me freedom and inspires hope.