October 16, 2021 New Foundations

Nonprofit Organization Expands Mission

We have been working hard to expand our program at New Foundations Recovery Housing. Our 501 c3 nonprofit organization has a mission to help others heal, grow and live. But many of us know, addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease. Individuals will attempt to find recovery several times. Going to multiple different treatment programs. Sometimes not completing the programs. Making relapse more likely.

Our Mission

New Foundations Recovery Housing believes that the continuum of recovery should include access to quality, safe and structured housing for individuals. Recovery Housing is an opportunity to use the tools learned in treatment. Tools to become stronger, while living in a recovery environment. Moreover it’s a great place to learn how to live a structured life. Individuals can build a work ethic, pay bills responsibly and truly rebuild their life before being completely independent.

We provide access to quality recovery housing with 8 properties throughout Cincinnati, Ohio, in addition to 3 in Northern Kentucky. But we cannot do it alone. We require grant funding and donations, in addition to fundraising and volunteers.

We are exciting to share our progress with you.


Interact For Health

Interact for Health, is a nonprofit organization here in Cincinnati, Ohio. They awarded us with a grant to be able to bring two peer recovery supporters onto our team. Expanding the amount of compassionate people with similar lived experiences to encourage hope and inspire change. The award also allows us to provide each of our program participants with bus passes. We are grateful that we have the support of this nonprofit organization to expand our mission.



Reducing Stigma Mental Health 

The Stigma Reduction Expansion Initiative from Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services has awarded New Foundations with a grant. So we have purchased Chromebooks for each of our recovery homes. This will provide a stigma free space for our program participants. They have access to mental health services. Mental Health services include accessing a treatment provider and chatting online with a crisis hotline. We created posters on how to use the laptops, access a provider and trainings for mental health awareness. Take a look at our list of treatment providers or take a self-assessment https://newfoundationsrecovery.org/mental-health-treatment/ . Stay tuned as we add more content like training videos and other items on our Mental Health Portal.

Funding for this project was made possible (in part) by the Ohio State Opiate Response (SOR) – 1H79TI083294-01 grant from SAMHSA.

Archway – ARCHway Institute awarded a $500 “September Recovery Month” Grant to New Foundations Recovery Housing. This grant was awarded by the generosity of Parkhurst Financial Services and their sponsorship of the ARCHway HOPE Fund.  This grant will be used by new residents coming into our recovery homes, in need of financial assistance. Our intake process requires each new resident coming in, pass a drug screen. Our intake fee covers many of the administrative items needed to process a new intake. We have a process that our team follows to ensure a quality experience for each person involved.

Our Dedication to Quality 

We are approved with the National Alliance of Recovery Residences and Ohio Recovery Housing. Dedicated to providing quality, we have high standards. Having an intake department that manage various pieces of the intake process is just one thing that set us apart from many recovery housing organizations. Furthermore we are proud to be a nonprofit organization that expands our mission to help people heal, grow and live.

Pictured below is our Executive Director Mikella Chrisman, holding the check from the ARCHway Institute.


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