January 10, 2022 New Foundations

Our Very Own Made The List

Our very own made the list. Cincinnati Enquirer’s “People to watch in Greater Cincinnati in 2022” named Amy Parker, our outreach and marketing manager as one to watch this year.

Amy Parker’s face is familiar to people recovering from opioid use disorder and those who suffer from addiction. She’s known to addiction medicine experts, public health groups and others who are fighting the opioid epidemic in Southwest Ohio. Parker is an advocate for people with addiction, and she’s hands on…

Terry DeMio

We would like to thank Terry Demio and the Cincinnati Enquirer for their continued compassion and efforts to share the stories of those impacted by this disease.

Follow the link for the entire piece. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2021/12/31/enquirer-people-watch-2022-chelsea-clark-reggie-harris-jon-moeller-justin-otto-kate-schroder/8623330002/

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