to restore to wellness, overcoming what once was meant for harm. New Foundations is here to help you heal by helping you find a place of peace and calm, in our safe and supportive homes.


to become greater, over time. New Foundations is here to help you grow by working with you to identify barriers and gaps to improving your life. Connecting you to all that you’ll need to get to the next step in your recovery journey.


to pursue a lifestyle that has been built by healing and growing. Once you’ve healed and grown into the person living in recovery, that you were meant to be, you’ll be ready to move on. Creating a beautiful and stable life for yourself.

Diversity and equality – LGBTQ+

Our organization believes in being a “people first” type of atmosphere. We believe every individual should have the right to be who they are, live as they feel most comfortable in their own skin and love whomever they choose. We are fortunate to provide safe housing to many transgender folks. We allow our Transgender program participants to choose the gender specific housing they would feel most comfortable in.

How can you help make a difference?

Your contribution will go toward assisting others in accessing quality recovery housing, without any other means. We often serve individuals coming in off the streets with no resources or family support to pay for housing. Your generous donation could truly make the difference in someone’s life, today.