March 14, 2022 New Foundations

6 Ways to Stay Sober on St. Patrick’s Day

Finding ways to stay sober on St. Patrick’s day can be a major challenge for people. It’s a common tradition for people to drink green beer, wear green clothes and party hard. When everything from bakery cookies and cupcakes, to milkshakes and bodies of water are turned green for the occasion. It’s hard to see it all and not have triggering thoughts that remind you of times when you used to party for this March holiday. Moreover, having thoughts of staying sober.

Survey Says

Being sober for St. Patty’s day isn’t impossible however. We’ve spoken to many people in recovery and sobriety in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. We came up with six ways to stay sober on St. Patrick’s day. These are suggestions that could work for anyone trying to avoid partying it up on March 17.


Get together with Sober friends and have your own sober St. Patrick’s day celebration. Or go to a St. Patrick’s Day themed 12 step meeting.


Attend a parade or some other type of event, where you can be around a lot of people and enjoy the festivities during the day time.


Cook a traditional Irish Meal. It can take all day to prepare a good, hearty dish to fill the leprachaun’s bellies.


Get to the craft store and create a green masterpiece to keep yourself busy, and have something amazing to show off to your friends.


Learn an Irish Dance. Ireland has a rich culture of creative arts. Youtube has tons of videos to find.


Be a designated driver for your friends who are able to drink without any problems. But, only if you’re ready for that.

Sober Friends

No matter what option you choose, just making the effort to not drink or party is a huge accomplishment. If you are not a person living with the disease of alcoholism or addiction, you can do something impactful. You can stay sober on St. Patrick’s Day and spend time with your friends in recovery. Furthermore, nothing says friendship more than sacrificing a favorite party day to be sober with your people who just can’t party.

If you drink don’t drive

In other words, if you do go out and partake in the alcoholic beverages, have fun, be safe, and whatever you do, don’t drive buzzed, drunk or high. Get a designated driver.

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