November 9, 2021 New Foundations

Giving Tuesday Is Giving Purpose

Giving Tuesday Is Giving Purpose

Having a strong sense of purpose is an important dimension of life. It gives people a sense of motivation. It helps to contribute to better health overall. In short, purpose offers definite emotional, psychological and physical benefits. Did you know that only about 1 in 4 American adults cite having a clear sense of purpose about what makes their lives meaningful?

Special Days to Give

There are specific dates and holidays that hold a certain level of expectation of giving. Birthdays, anniversaries and that major holiday that happens every December. These special days provide opportunity for people to express their appreciation for those on the receiving end of the gifts for the giving.  Make a bigger impact in a way that is much bigger than wrapping up a box of chocolates or putting a gift card in an envelope. In all actuality, gifts don’t express appreciation — people do. Since this first annual day of giving in 2012, nonprofits in the United States have raised more than $1.9 billion. In 2019, nonprofits in the US raised more than $500 million dollars online alone.

Giving Tuesday is Full of Opportunities

Outside of awareness days, days that are significant for individual causes or organizations, or national or international crises, there are few opportunities to drive a large group of people’s attention to giving on any particular day.  Giving Tuesday gives nonprofits with a day filled with opportunities. Society nowadays know what it is and may even set aside money each year to donate on that day, it’s a wonderful chance for nonprofits to highlight their missions, solicit donations, and gain new supporters.

Ways To Make An Impact

This year on giving Tuesday, November 30, 2021 we encourage and inspire you to reach out to a cause close to your heart and make any size of an impact in your community, by giving. Even if you’re unable to give monetarily, you’re able to make impact by supporting that nonprofit organization in other ways. Encouraging others to volunteer their time, dedicating two inspire their community to increase awareness by supporting a mission that is making impact. New foundations Recovery Housing is a 5013C nonprofit organization in Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky. This giving Tuesday, we ask that you support our mission by going to our social media pages and sharing our posts about giving Tuesday. Going to our website and sharing links about our mission. You could even attend our fundraiser event on November, 30 in downtown Cincinnati. This is the year of giving.

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