October 20, 2021 New Foundations

Rebuilding Life in Recovery Housing

Rebuilding In Early Recovery

Rebuilding ones life in early recovery, is not easy. Recovery housing is a great way to slowly get life back on track. It gives a person time to heal and learn from others to create a new way of living in recovery. An important part of getting through the next hour, and the next day, is support and stability. One day at a time, people with the disease of addiction find a new way of life. When people rebuild their lives, families are impacted for generations.

Broken and Homeless

Donna, homeless and broken came from the CAT house. Donna says that through her active addiction, her parents had lost all respect for her, and her children wouldn’t look at her, let alone speak to her. She found herself to be hopeless. After coming to New Foundations Recovery Housing, Donna was connected to a support program called Celebrate Recovery. She went to meetings and engaged with the process faithfully. In other words, she started going to church and found a new faith in God, strengthening her spiritual relationship with her higher power.

Opportunity to Thrive

New to recovery housing, New Foundations presented Donna with an opportunity to become a House Leader. A House Leader at NFRH is the person that makes sure everyone in the recovery home is being honest, feeling supported and using all the resources available to rebuild their lives.  Managing a recovery home, comes with a lot of responsibilities and expectations, like a full time job. However, bound to be successful Donna found work outside of the recovery home.

A New Life

The experience and opportunity to rebuild her life while living at New Foundations Recovery Housing, gave Donna a chance to become stable in more ways than one. She was able to learn how to be responsible for herself, budget, prepare for the month ahead, manage a full-time job and pay all her own living expenses.

Treatment Saves Lives

Cincinnati Center for Addiction Treatment is one of the leading addiction treatment providers, for more than 50 years here in Hamilton County. Providing medical detox, inpatient treatment, and outpatient medically assisted treatment. Jacob Beuerlein said, “Our mission statement at CAT is “We are a united team, working together for the common purpose of saving lives and rebuilding families.” When we can hear how that mission has manifested itself years down the line for one of our own patients – that is always the recharge we need to hear.  With this work, we are often hit with the losses, but being reminded that treatment does work, and individuals can be and are living lives in recovery years down the line and loving it – that is what keeps us going!”

Heal, Grow and Live

Donna says “today I have a relationship with my children, even visiting my parent’s home every weekend. I have my own beautiful two- bedroom apartment, with new furniture, where I feel safe. I have a bank account, and I am financially stable. Now leading a Celebrate Recovery small share meeting every Monday evening. I’m a member of a local church called Revive City Church. Today I sponsor women who live at the New Foundations Recovery homes. NFRH helped me restore my life. Above all, they gave me structure and from that I became accountable, dependable and have been able to heal, grow and now I can live.”


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