February 8, 2022 New Foundations

What To Expect, Looking For Treatment


When you call a hotline to reach out for help with finding an addiction treatment center, you’re often met with more steps than solutions. When we search for a hotline, on the internet for example, the information might not even be for local programs. It’s so challenging to know who is reputable and who has the services you or your loved one need. Finding a place that will help right away, is sometimes found only after calling twenty five other places first. Knowing how to filter your search, will be beneficial in the future. Whether it’s for you, or for a friend. Knowing the best options, are so important.


Until recent years, society has understood addiction to be something that is cured after a 28 day inpatient program in the woods or at a posh Malibu rehabilitation center. Unfortunately, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Recovery and sobriety only come after the appropriate treatment program, approach, length of time, level of care, after care, housing and support have been offered to the individual. Even then, it may take multiple goes at the options available. Fortunately, for Ohio and Kentucky at least, folks are able to access addiction treatment, almost on demand. We’ve come a long way in our area that has been hit as hard as the hardest have been hit by this addiction epidemic.


When you are looking for a treatment center and want to stay local. Make sure you are looking for the address and location of the centers.

  • Is this the best program to choose?
  • What will all of this cost?
  • How long is the program? This is another question to ask the admissions coordinator or intake specialist.
  • When will my loved one be better?

Not a Cookie Cutter Disease

Check out the services they offer. Ask to speak to one of their admissions specialists, or intake coordinators and ask as many questions as you like. All reputable treatment centers will always advise you of the cost up front before you sign anything. Insurance always dictates the pathway to care. If you are going for inpatient, call your insurance provider and find out what your plan allows. If your plan only allows for outpatient, find a provider that specializes in evidence-based scientific approaches. For a non-punitive approach, look for a harm reduction focused treatment program. The best thing to remember is that Addiction is a chronic relapsing brain disease. What works for one, may not work for the other. So try to be supportive, patient and focus on the present.


One of the ways that men and women are able to make it through the difficult journey through treatment and have learned tools to live life without illicit drug use, is by having a safe living space to come home to. Can you imagine going through years of addiction, high risk lifestyle, abuse, low confidence and self-esteem, and going through treatment. Only to be discharged from rehab but have no safe living environment to go to. So you go right back into that same, unhealthy situation you just left. Because you have no other option. Now, can you imagine how difficult it would be to not fall back into the same behaviors and drug use? That’s why recovery housing needs to be part of the continuum of care. If there is now where for the patient to and put to good use, the tools they just learned, what are we missing? In order for anyone to survive addiction, they need to have a safe place to lay their head each night. A safe place to heal, grow and live.

New Foundations

New Foundations Recovery Housing is a program that serves over 700 people per year. Located in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, they have eleven properties for men and women. The first recovery housing organization in the area to allow evidence-based medications used in treatment like Suboxone and Methadone. Providing residents with safe and secure on-site storage for self-administration of the medications. The Peer Recovery Supporters encourage the residents to engage in supportive services. Truly helping individuals to heal, grow and live.

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